Pride Park Derby 29.11.2014
Posted: 30 November 2014 by
Results Pride Park - Our 2 fighters performed very well last night in Derby both having a technical fight. James Pierce 16 yrs old had his 2nd open fight against a very good adult fighter from Hanuman Camp and showed that he really is going to be a great champion one ...read more
Posted: 30 November 2014 by
Women Only Classes - success again this week we hit another new target and had 36 in the class!!! and they paid 70p for their hard work, well done to you all. Results Pride Park - Our 2 fighters performed very well last night in Derby both having a technical ...read more
Posted: 22 October 2014 by
Interclub - Well done to all those students who went to spar in Oldham for the interclub everyone performed well and enjoyed the experience. Jayden and Shauna who fought for Interclub titles unfortunately lost their fights but it was good experience for them and they will be back in ...read more
Blackpool Junior Fighters
Posted: 27 September 2014 by
A brilliant day for our junior fighters who competed in Blackpool today with 4 wins and 1 draw (very disputable).  They were a credit to Wicker camp and all performed exceptional. Well done James Pierce Liam McConaghy Sam Keane Shauna Atkinson and Jayden Atkinson. Also a big thank you ...read more
Interclub Co Durham
Posted: 9 September 2014 by
Well done to everyone who sparred on Saturday in CoDurham. Our seniors did very well against good strong opponents so excellent experience for the future.  Ben Watts, James Pierce, Ash Constance and Nick Jackson. Our kids also did very well against very good opponents. Shauna Atkinson, Jayden Atkinson, Roo March-Mullaney, Aaron ...read more
James Ogden
Posted: 8 September 2014 by
James fought British Champion Loz Smithen from Kiatphontip.  This was always going to be a tough fight for James  coming back after 2 years out of the ring due to injury and to fight A class rules against a strong opponent from a good camp. There was a lot ...read more
Kyle Revill
Posted: 7 September 2014 by
Kyle fought Josh Crowther from Jai Muay Thai and fought a good scoring fight landing strong leg kicks throughout the fight and scoring well with his punches and knees.  In our opinion Kyle won every round and the crowd thought so too but the judges decision was a draw. ...read more
Christian Korzienowski
Posted: 7 September 2014 by
A fantastic performance from Chrystian tonight winning by knockout in the 2nd round. We are very happy for him as he's been let down 3 times this year so deserves this win so much. read more
Kyle Revill – Milton Keynes
Posted: 29 June 2014 by
A fantastic result well done to Kyle Revill a 2nd round stoppage with strong knees in the first round and finally with crippling leg kicks In the 2nd to win by TKO. read more
Pooley – update
Posted: 12 May 2014 by
I've just got back from visiting Pooley in hospital. He was in good spirits although gutted he's still not had a chance to have a beer or some fast food :-( He has a broken rib which has punctured his lung as well as 4 fractured ribs around the same ...read more