Posted: 27 December 2013 by
Jimbob fought a lad who although weighed in lighter was visibly bigger and looked stronger than him! Jimbob fought very well and won the first round scoring with a range of good kick, punches and knees and landing some excellent wing knees in the clinch. His opponent came out strong in ...read more
Posted: 30 November 2013 by
Two fantastic results last night at Chaweng Stadium on Koh Samui. Dave Childs fought a tall Russian guy. The 1st round was very scrappy with furious punching being exchanged but Dave managed to catch the Russian with a strong punch and he nearly went. Dave started to find his kicks and ...read more
Blackpool – Junior Show
Posted: 29 September 2013 by
A fantastic day everyone was great and fought very well. Results as follows:- Roo 6yrs and Aaron7 yrs both had stronger and bigger opponents, they fought very well for the first 2 rounds but it was obvious they were struggling as they were both upset at the end of the 2nd round so I pulled them ...read more
Thank you
Posted: 23 September 2013 by
Well done to all students who participated in our Team Sparring event on Saturday and a big thank you to all the supporters. It was a busy afternoon with 30 bouts 15 adult and 15 junior. It was evenly matched throughout the day with both Red and Blue teams ...read more
Posted: 8 September 2013 by
Jillian Corbett vs Yvonne Wilson British Title - Jillian Corbett won by TKO new British Champion This was Jill's final attempt at a British Title before going away travelling and living in Australia with Dan her partner for 2 years and after being let down so many times with Title opportunities. ...read more
Interclub Co Durham Sat 3rd Aug
Posted: 5 August 2013 by
Interclub Co Durham - we took a team of senior and junior students to Co Durham on Saturday. Everyone performed fantastic and really enjoyed the experience. Well done to Roo March-Mullaney, Hanniyah Karim, Jack Cooke, Liam McConaughy, James Pierce (did extremely well and won his decision bout), Hamdi Karim, Olly Rogers, ...read more
East End Park Leeds15th June
Posted: 18 June 2013 by
On Saturday 15th June in Leeds two of our juniors fought, Jack Cooke and Sam Humphries. Strangely they fought identical twins the Atkinson brothers from Wolf Thai in the north east. The twins were of similar weight and same age but physically bigger and stronger. Both Jack and Sam ...read more
Pride Park 12.05.13
Posted: 13 May 2013 by
Liam McConaughy (Wicker Camp) vs Kane Smith (All Powers)  This was a great fight with both boxers showing good skill and technique. Liam was taller and heavier but Kane was slightly more experienced.  Liam used his punches well scoring good body shots and landed some strong leg kicks. Kane used his ...read more
Varsity Interclub
Posted: 19 March 2013 by
A huge success with 42 bouts and a big thank you to the University Clubs attending from Huddersfield, UWE, Plymouth, Nottingham and Warwick and also Camp 313 from Birmingham. Everyone sparred very well and enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Pete, Darren, James and Pooley for their help on the day and to James ...read more
Tower Ballroom Birmingham
Posted: 28 February 2013 by
Chrystian Korzienowski fought James Horne from K Star Birmingham who was more experienced than Chrystian. This was Chrystians 3rd fight and we were asked by Steve Logan if he could fight B class rules as he was struggling a little for matches. B class rules means 5x2 minute rounds ...read more