Rising Stars Show 10th July @ Wicker Camp
Posted: 26 July 2010 by
This was a great day with the following fighters competing: Seniors: Will Burkin, Kyle Revill, Lindy Warnes, Rob Carter, Dan Ward, Lewid Lazenby, Shaun Richardson, Lee Wolf Juniors: Conor Burdett, Thomas Humphries, Sam Humphries, James Pierce, LJ Jordan Gerrard, Chicara Gerrard, Charlotte Bailey Everyone fought well and the hard training that they all ...read more
Whitworth Civic Hall Junior Show
Posted: 15 March 2010 by
Congratulations to all the juniors who took part in Spartans Junior Interclub and Show at Whitworth Civic Hall on Sunday. I was very proud of them all and here is a short review of all their bouts. Sam Humphries (fight 3x1.5mins) Sam won on points against a very tough aggresive opponent, he ...read more
James Ogden vs George Tsiattalos
Posted: 3 February 2010 by
77Kg English Title James trained really hard for this fight and struggled at times with his weight but with perseverance and determination weighed in OK and felt strong and fit, although very nervous. From the start James dominated the fight landing solid punches, kicks and knees throughout the round not ...read more
Helene Garnett vs Natalie Fuz
Posted: 8 December 2009 by
(67kg 5 x 2) This was a great venue and it had a real New York gritty feel to it right in the heart of Manhattan. The place was absolutely jammed packed and the crowd was very welcoming given that this was Natalie’s retirement fight after 10 years ...read more
8th November 2009 – Sliver Blades Ice Rink
Posted: 24 November 2009 by
Jaz Meates vs Anjum Shah Storm Gym - this was a junior bout 54kg with no head contact fought over 5 x 1.5 minutes.  This was a good fight with both fighters showing good skill and technique. Anjum was more aggressive and had a powerful body punch but Jaz kept the fight ...read more
Octagon Sheffield 11th Oct
Posted: 13 October 2009 by
Jamie Woodward vs Jaz Williams (Studio 2000) 65kg Jamie had a bad start with this fight as medical staff refused to let him fight due to high blood pressure. It took just over 2 hours to sort out and this added pressure took its toll on Jamie’s nerves.  He had a tough fight against a strong ...read more
Grosvenor Hotel Sheffield 16th August
Posted: 27 August 2009 by
Lindy Warnes 58kg won on points over 5 rounds nearly stopping her opponent in the last round with leg kicks. A fantastic performance from Lindy who was really nervous about this fight and she can’t wait for her next one. Jillian Corbett 66kg won on points over 5 ...read more
Birmingham 5th July
Posted: 8 July 2009 by
Well done to everyone who took part in the Junior Interclub in Birmingham at Black Widows Martial Arts Academy hosted by our friend Yogi Parek. We had 8 fighters (5 wins, 3 losses) and 4 interclub sparring. Credit to our junior fighters who were all novices, they showed great skill and ...read more
Darnall Liberal Club 10th May
Posted: 4 June 2009 by
Lewis Hill 54.5Kg (Wicker Camp) vs  Darren Colebridge 58Kg (Burnley Thai) fought over 3 x 2 minute rounds. This was Lewsis's first senior fight and it was going to  be hard for Lewis as his opponent was taller and heavier. Lewis started out strong landing a left head kick immediately at the start of the 1st round ...read more
Rumble at the Reebok
Posted: 4 June 2009 by
Mehdi Firoozi (Wicker Camp) vs Ollie Watson (Minotaurs) This was a big fight for Mehdi and a big test, Ollie Watson has had 37 fights, has fought in Thailand and has a very good reputation. It was an impressive venue with P4tv filming the show and it was a sell out. The fight was over ...read more