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Derby Fighters
Posted: 24 November 2018 by
Fight date:
James Pierce looking in great shape weighed in at 55.55kg. Our novices all made their weight too....from left to right,  Rhys Richards, Leon Samuels, Evy Cailliau, Jack Singh, Reza Ghanbari. Good luck to all our fighters, they have ...read more
Wickerpedia 21.11.2018
Posted: 20 November 2018 by
Fight date:
Derby Pride Park Stadium 24.11.2018 This week is the last chance to buy tickets for this show. Friday 12 noon is closing time to get tickets........£30. James Pierce vs Italian fighter plus 5 Wicker Camp novice fighters debuting ...read more
Wickerpedia 13.11.2018
Posted: 13 November 2018 by
Fight date:
Pride Park Derby 24th Nov Only 2 weeks left to get your tickets (£30) for this show. James Pierce is fighting internationally against a tough Italian opponent. We have 6 of our novice fighters competing most making their debut ...read more
Wickerpedia 11.11.2018
Posted: 11 November 2018 by
Fight date:
Classes on today Clinchwork 11-12 noon - an exciting and energetic class exploring neck wrestling skills and techniques delivered by Arjarn Mullaney. Women only class 2.30-4pm - a fantastic class for women of all levels working on improving ...read more
Wickerpedia 07.11.2018
Posted: 7 November 2018 by
Fight date:
Pride Park Derby 24.11.2018 Tickets are on sale at reception for this event and are £30. The event will see James Pierce fighting an Italian opponent at B class and 5 other Wicker Camp fighters competing, possibly ...read more
Wickerpedia 24.10.18
Posted: 24 October 2018 by
Fight date:
Kurdistan Fight Chrystian Korzeniowski leaves for Kurdistan today to fight in a really big event in Sulamanaiyah on Friday evening. The event is being televised throughout the region and tbey will be met by the TV company ...read more
Wickerpedia 16.10.18
Posted: 16 October 2018 by
Fight date:
Pride Park Derby We have 12 fighters on this show, some complete novices N class, some C class, some juniors and James Pierce fighting internationlly against an Italian at B class. This is a lovely venue that we've ...read more
Posted: 27 September 2018 by
Fight date:
Trevor Bamforth RIP Once again it was extremely sad news to hear Trevor recently passed away, our deepest condolences and sympathy go to his wife Di and his son Neil and their family at this very difficult ...read more
Wickerpedia 05.09.18
Posted: 5 September 2018 by
Fight date:
Barnsley Metrodome 15.09.18 This event is fast approaching and if you haven't got your tickets yet then get to the gym to pick them up. The show starts at 4pm and promises to be an exciting event packed ...read more
Barnsley Metrdome Show 15.09.18
Posted: 26 August 2018 by
Fight date:
Nak Muay Legacy proudly presents an evening of Muay Thai action. We have 7 Wicker Camp fighters competing on this premier event. James Ogden is back fighting A class after a long time out. James Pierce reliably returns to the ...read more