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Adult Beginner Classes

Our exciting new Beginners classes are specifically designed for the Beginner to Thai-Boxing. This class is a complete introduction to MuayThai (Thai-Boxing) for those with no prior experience. All classes are progressive, which means you can work at a pace that suits you. No-one will ask you to do anything you can’t cope with or that you feel uncomfortable about doing. We want you to have a great time & our Instructors know you will learn better that way.

We’ll teach you basic fighting stance, authentic Thai footwork, how to punch, kick , knee and use your elbows exactly like the pro Thai fighters do in Thailand. We’ll also teach you the best defensive system ever devised.

Each week you’ll learn a different aspect of Thai-Boxing, might be a punch like jab or cross, or one of the devastating Thai kicks using your shin ! Our Instructors will teach you the proper mechanics of each technique, how to develop power, speed and deadly accuracy. You’ll definitely notice a massive improvement in your fitness.

Thai-Boxing will make you will feel stronger and more confident, you will also develop more speed and stamina (you’ll have bags of energy). The flexibility training you will do as part of your class will improve your posture and enable your body to move in ways you didn’t think possible.

The Thai way of self-defence is second to none. All fighting methods acknowledge Thai-Boxing as the King of ALL Martial Arts. You will learn how to defend yourself against all forms of un-armed attack, using simple methods that have been tried & tested over centuries, (eventually you will also learn “OLD STYLE” Muay Thai – the very deadly Art of Siamese Combat, which incorporates chokes, throws, grappling, nerve centres & pressure points).

Monday Wednesday 8-9.30pm Friday 8-9pm

Intermediate / Advanced Classes

These classes are by far our most popular here at Wicker Camp. They are also the most challenging and difficult of all our classes, mixing more complicated Muay Thai skills with intense padwork, conditioning and sparring.

The syllabus is full of dynamic Muay Thai techniques, advanced clinchwork, footwork, tricks and feints, complicated counter attacks and devastating fighting combinations.

Please Note: only students that have been graded or assessed to this level are eligible to train in this class. Many of the students in the intermediate and advanced syllabus have been training here at Wicker Camp for many years.

Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8pm

Junior Classes

These energy-packed classes are the ultimate personal coaching program for your children, designed for kids between 5 – 15 years. Learning Muay Thai is excellent for self-defence, losing weight or building up.

For the kids it’s an exciting journey of discovery that teaches basic Muay Thai technique, develops key aspects such as flexibility, strength and co-ordination with a main aim to improve general fitness. There is a strong element of fun and enjoyment in the classes and we try to encourage independence, responsibility and develop confidence through specific Muay Thai activities.

Its core is based on the key Martial Arts principles of discipline, respect, integrity and trust. Issues such as bullying, healthy life style choices and stranger danger are addressed by building self confidence, and developing knowledge and understanding about life skills.

The classes are taught by Trix March Senior Instructor and ex World Champion with 25 years experience in the sport and a former college lecturer in Physical Education and Sport. Children are continually monitored to ensure progression through a structured grading syllabus. Higher levels have the opportunity to compete if desired and Wicker Camp has produced many Area, English and British Junior Champions.

Tuesday and Thursday 4.30-5.30pm Beginners instructional class. Saturday 10-11am junior bagwork and fitness class.

Women Only Class

The gym offers completely private all female training sessions between 2pm and 7pm on Sundays.  The gym is totally closed to men at this time to allow women and girls (from 12yrs) to train in a completely all female environment. These sessions are one hour private tuition classes taught by Trix March, who is co-owner and senior instructor at Wicker Camp, she is ex-World, European, Commonwealth and 2x British Thai Boxing Champion and has 25 years of experience in the sport and is a former college lecturer in physical education and sport science.

Trix has designed these classes for any women who want to get fit, lose weight, gain self confidence. The classes are progressive so you DON ‘ T have to be fit to start, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any exercise before or how out of shape you think you are Trix will make you feel very welcome and look after you. These sessions are tailored to suit any individual or group of individuals and are a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to become fitter, stronger, more flexible and improve your self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Sundays 9–10.30am

Wednesdays 6-7pm

Trix has a no nonsense approach to fitness and will help you achieve your goals through fun and exciting classes and lots of positive motivation and encouragement. You will have loads of  fun, laugh a lot and surprise yourself. The best thing about these classes are they are subsidised at £4pp.

Interested? then call Trix on 07743596420 or text to book in for your first one.

Thai Circuit ClassesThese are circuit based classes that combine Muay Thai drills with jogging and skipping drills and are ideal for anyone to improve their general fitness, strength and conditioning. There are are two fixed classes Tuesday and Thursday evening 9-9:45pm. These classes can also be booked by individuals or groups and the cost shared. At £25 per hour they are an affordable way to get fit.

These classes are guaranteed to make improvements and it has a challenging and interesting format so you wont get bored. For further information call 07743596420.

Thai Bagwork and Padwork Classes

Thai- Boxing, in fact anyone who wants to push themselves to the limit. It’s TEN rounds of relentless bagwork or padwork done in a circuit type format, with gym tests and exercises in between each round; there’s even old fashioned shin and medicine ball conditioning for those that want it !!!

You will certainly test your physical limits as you train alongside Mick’s awesome fighters and Champions in this extreme hardcore MuayThai session. This class offers only basic tuition as the main emphasis is on stamina, strength building and MuayThai conditioning. Some of the extreme exercises in this class you won’t see anywhere else.

We’ve got a wide variety of different apparatus for you to use from very heavy bags, like our 22 stone ‘behemoth’ bag, bell bags, maize bag, shin conditioning bag, speedballs, floor-to-ceiling balls, wall pads, clinchwork dummys, 6ft Thai bags and Thai style tyre bags. In our evening sessions students have the opportunity to do a 3minute round in the ring with an Instructor.

The padwork classes are 5 rounds of MuayThai combinations and drills with gym tests between each round. A fast paced interactive class that improves knowledge, conditioning, fitness and strength.

Of course you can pace yourself – remember, it’s up to you; do as much or as little as you want to. No one will pressure you into doing more. You’ll soon feel the energy and adrenaline pumping through your body as you get fitter every single session.

These classes are on 6 days a week – the class lasts for one hour, bring a towel, a skipping rope if you’ve got one (we can supply), bring lots of energy too for this exhilarating experience you will never forget !

Bagwork – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-11amTuesday and Thursday 8-9pm and Saturday at 4-5pm.

Padwork – Tuesday and Thursday 10-11am.