Mick Mullaney has been training fighters for over 30 years. Over the years Wicker Camp has produced many many great fighters and many champions including 10 World titles, 10 European and Commonwealth titles and 30 British, English and Area titles.

It is difficult to remember all the fighters as some have long since retired (25+ years) and there is no evidence of some (no DVDs then only Betamax and VHS tapes if you were lucky).

However, we are going to attempt to list everyone who has fought for Mick (Wicker Camp) since those early years in the late 70’s and early 80’s to present day. These names are not in any specific order of merit or chronologically placed just randomly listed from memory, please be patient as it’s going to take time to generate a compete list.

We want to take this opportunity to pay our respect to everyone who has fought for Wicker Camp and if we miss anyone or you read this and remember someone we apologise and please send their or your name to Trix at trix@wickercamp.co.uk or text 07743596420 we will soon remember you.

1.Ali Arshid, 2.Macker, 3.Waj Khan, 4.Trix March, 5.Darren Castledine,  6.Sinead Gibney, 7.Mick Swift, 8.Elisha Base, 9.Wayne Millen, 10.Simon Burgin, 11.Patrick Briggs, 12.Ed Goodchild, 13.Shaun Barrett, 14.Paul Carnell, 15.John Ellis, 16.Christian Di Paulo, 17.Imran Khan, 18.Lee Chesters, 19.Westley Smith, 20.Pete McCormick, 21.Daniel Hudson, 22.James ‘Bear’ Burke, 23.Glen Cashmore, 24.Helen Garnett, 25.Sam Bawden, 26.Budgie Andrew Richards, 27.Alan Willis, 28.John Sulph Johnson, 29.Hamdi, 30.Tony Cunio, 31.Billy Robinson, 32.Paul Hague, 33.Mick Mason, 34.Andrew Hensby, 35.Mick Allen, 36.Darryl Ashton, 37.Zack, 38.Mehdi Firoozi, 39.Neil North, 40.Max, 41.Ismael Abdi, 42.Thomas McCormick, 43.James Ogden, 44.Ailsa Gill, 45.Aistair Simpson, 46.Lee Brown, 47.Zoe Barlow, 48.Adrian Glaves, 49.Ryan Allen, 50.Paul Stokoe, 51.Jo Ward, 52.Caroline France, 53.Jamie Woodward, 54.Carol Dickinson, 55.Rachel Clements, 56.Laura Mosely, 57.Mark Poole, 58.Lee Winters, 59.Lee Wolfe, 60.Damien Bartholomew, 61.Phil Swales, 62.Jason Castledine, 63.Ben Moran-Healey, 64.Anthony Palmer, 65.Nawaz Hussain, 66.Royford Robinson, 67.Leroy Meikle, 68.Mick MacDonald, 69.Stanislav Terentiev, 70.Andy Gibney, 71.Craig Frith, 72.Brett Mordey, 73.Will Burkin, 74.Adel, 75.Lewis Hill, 76.Neil Bamforth, 77.Adam Burke, 78.Carl Bethel, 79.Lewis Lazenby, 80.Danny Jordan, 81.Lee Foster, 82.Grant Goodison, 83.James Pierce, 84.Charlotte Bailey, 85.Connor Burdett, 86.Charlie Leather, 87.Jordan Gerrard, 88.Chicara Gerrard, 89.Ahmer Imran, 90.Jenn Louis, 91.Jamie Shepherd, 92.Nikki Froggatt, 93.Simon Green, 94.Andy Walker, 95.Richard Latham,96.Nazarulah Khan, 97.Naeen Mohammed, 98.Mick Chapman, 99.Richard Worth, 100.Mark Jackson, 101.Rob Carter, 102.Jillian Corbett, 103.Lindy Hush, 104.Kristain Bainbridge, 105.Ben Watts, 106.Michal Woroniak, 107.Dave Childs, 108.Gavin Duce, 109.Jordan Meates, 110.Jaz Meates, 111.Dan Ward, 112.Shaun Richardson, 113.Mohammed Nasir, 114.Ray Burne, 115.Raf O’Conner, 116.John Ayres, 117.Paul Timmins, 118.Andy Thompson, 119.Darren Beck, 120.Tara Leigh, 121.Kyle Revill, 122.Thomas Humphries, 123.Sam Humphries, 124.Bradley MacDonald, 125.Jack Cooke, 126.Liam McConnaughy, 127.Joseph Leaver, 128.Chrystian Korzienowski, 129.Sean Richards, 130.Christopher Akers(RIP), 131. Joanne Akers, 132.Adam Burke, 133.Shaun Richardson, 134.Rhys Lister, 135.Amir Yazdi, 136.Shaun Wilson, 137.Shauna Atkinson, 138.Jayden Atkinson, 139.Sam Keane, 140.Roy Burrows, 141.Andy Goodrick, 142. Cyprus Phipps. 143. Roo March-Mullaney. 144. Hanniyah Karin. 145. Sam Cripps. 146. Scott Fletcher. 147. Tom Andrews. 148. Sean Vida. 149. Ash Constance. 150. Jack Singh. 151. Michal Orazco. 152. Brandon Bamforth. 153Hasan Raja. 154Ryan Tariq. 155Rob Cuttil. 156Kacper Stadniczuk. 157Jayden Atkinson. 158Aaron Jackson. 159Charlie Leather. 160.Malcolm Furniss. 161.Pete Hanson.